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Step-by-step enabling cookie for Online RMA

  1. In Mozilla Firefox select “Tools” from the File menu.
    Mozila Firefox select Tools

  2. Select “Options”.

  3. Click the “Privacy” icon in the top panel.
    Mozila Firefox Privacy panel

  4. Check the box corresponding to “Accept cookies from sites”.

  5. Click “OK” to save and close.

  1. Click “Start” and select “Control Panel”.
    (Note: With Windows XP Classic View click the Windows “Start” button and select “Settings” then “Control Panel”)

  2. Open the Internet Options icon.
    IE Internet Options

  3. Choose the “Privacy” tab.
    IE Privacy Tab

  4. Click the “Advanced” button.

  5. Check the “Override automatic cookie handling” box under the Cookies section in the Advanced Privacy Settings window.
    IE Advanced Privacy Settings

  6. Under First-party Cookies, select the “Accept” or “Prompt” option.

  7. Under Third-party Cookies, select “Accept” or “Prompt” option.
    (Note: If you select the “Prompt” option you will be prompted every time a website attempts to send you a cookie, click “OK”.)

  8. In the Internet Options, window click “OK” to exit.

  9. Next, click on "Privacy" tab, select "Sites" button.
    IE Select Sites Button

  10. At the site page - "Per Site Privacy Actions", type into Address of website textbox, and click "Allow" button.
    IE Per Site Privacy Actions

  11. Finally, you will see the result as below and then click "OK" button.
    IE Final Resulte OK button

  12. Congratulation! You have successfully completed enabling the cookie online.