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Terms and Conditions: Order Change – When an RMA

Order Change – When an RMA

All pertinent information related to an order is required for any change.

  • Customer PO
  • Customer Representative
  • Part number
  • Quantity
  • Unit cost and total cost per line item

Increasing / decreasing an order
Fast action is required on your part to change an in-process order (within 2 - 6 hours)

  • Contact your sales representative.
  • Term payment orders have until the order is placed with the warehouse to change.
  • Credit card order charges – cancel and rebook. This is because the charging of the credit card happens immediately.
  • Check payment orders depend on the status of the check clearing and the time to receive a new check.
  • Our warehouses do not accept changes once processing has started.
    • To decrease quantities or add parts, create a new order; freight and handling charges apply.
    • To increase quantities or add parts, create an order for the difference; freight and handling charges apply.

Cancelling an order

  • Cancellation is a change to an order and requires documentation of the process. To cancel, email:
  • Possible reasons to cancel:
    • On-hold due to credit card verification.
    • The item is not available after order placement.
    • Your order was placed after 5:00 PM on Friday or on Saturday and Sunday, and we receive your cancellation request by 8:00 AM on Monday.
    • There are no charges for cancellations prior to shipping.
  • Customer is responsible for charges associated with cancellation.
    • All shipping charges for orders canceled after shipment – return with RMA number.
    • International shipments accrue a “Freight in” charge in addition to other described charges. In addition to the described charges, a "freight in" charge will be applied to International shipments. This charge is for shipping product from U.S. warehouse locations to our FOB point in San Jose, CA -- since the warehouses will not ship International orders directly.
    • Restocking fees if applicable, (see restocking fees under RMA).

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